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Sprout inhibitor Restrain Ethylene – 5 key questions for 2021

Here you will find 5 key questions and answers for 2021 regarding sprout inhibitor Restrain Ethylene.

How does Restrain Technology work?

Restrain uses natural ethylene gas to keep your potatoes dormant and control sprouting. The Restrain generator continuously distributes a low concentration of ethylene gas evenly throughout your storage. After three days of exposure to ethylene, your potatoes are blocked from sprouting. The sensor supplied measures the ethylene concentration in your storage and automatically adjusts the gas production. The concentration of ethylene used is low and therefore fire safe and cost efficient. The method is suitable for organic farming and leaves no residue. You can safely enter your storage during the treatment.

When is the start of treatment?

You start using ethylene when the potatoes are in storage. It is important that the stored batch of potatoes is dormant and dry before you apply Restrain. In addition, the CO2 level in storage must be below 2500 ppm. Also, the temperature needs to be below 10 degrees Celsius to start. The Restrain generator measures these levels for you. If you haven’t reached the right levels yet, please be patient. You should not start applying ethylene too early. A combination of high co2 levels and ethylene is not advised, as this can lead to weight loss of the potatoes.

Can you use the Restrain sprout inhibitor in every potato storage?

The Restrain generator distributes ethylene gas evenly and continuously throughout your potato store, regardless of your storage conditions. Restrain is suitable for all storage facilities. No storage modifications are required. Restrain works with all types of storage, such as:

  • bulk storage
  • storage in boxes
  • storages filled or not filled to capacity

Can you use Restrain when sprouts are already visable?

Restrain works even if sprouts are already visible on the potatoes. After a few days of treatment, it blocks the sprouts. The germs remain on the potatoes during the storage period. They become brittle and break off during transport. So, at the moment of delivery, there are no more sprouts visible. In addition, sprouts do not need to be burnt off. This improves the quality of the skin and there are no burn marks on the potatoes.

What are other practical tips when using Restrain?

When using Restrain, it is important to ventilate your space daily. Restrain advises to first circulate the air inside the shed for one hour every 24 hours to get the ethylene to mix optimally. Then, for the best result, you should immediately ventilate the shed externally for one hour to remove CO2. Restrain works best for the Agria, Fontane and Markies potato varieties for the processing industry. Users with more experience can also successfully treat other varieties with Restrain. Costs for using Restrain are relatively low compared to alternatives. You pay an average of four euros per tonne of potatoes over the whole storage season.

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