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Customer Support

Antoine van Wezel

+31 (0)6 14 88 30 34


Paul O’ Connor
+31 (0)623 935 714

Antoine van Wezel


Kamil Surmacz
+48 796 182 848


Andreas Fust
+49 160 91 86 12 95

Jason Blakley
+49 (0) 151/72537872


Paul OÔÇÖ Connor
+31 (0)623 935 714

Valentin Cloots
+32 473175287

United Kingdom

Dan Hewitt

Nathan Edgar
07590 486811

Keith Watkins
+44 (0) 7872 190 938  



Adrien Fernet
+33 786 166 682

Anthony Blet
+33 6 32 36 95 78

Valentin Cloots
+32 473175287


Emily Merk

+1 (509) 318-0148

Latin America

Daniel Caldiz
+54 9 2266 44 3978

Daniel Silva

Technical Department

Adrian Briddon ­čçČ­čçž tel

+44 7789 924894


Valentin Cloots ­čçź­čçĚ­čçž­čç¬

+32 (0) 473 17 52 87


Paul O’Connor
+31 6 239 35 714

Bram Luijkx
+31 6 27454382


New Markets

Dirk Garos
+31 65 38 69 221

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How can I become a customer of Restrain?

Use the following link to fill in a 2 minute request to register as a customer:

How do I sign my Restrain contract via Docusign online?

You can open the digital contract in the e-mail by clicking on the “CHECK DOCUMENT” button at the top of the e-mail. (The contract is not in a separate pdf attachment)

You can then go through the contract and initial/sign the indicated points by clicking on them:

  • The first step is to accept the terms and conditions of Docusign (our signing tool) “I agree to the use of electronic records and signatures”.
  • Then click the orange button “Sign” on page 1 and then
  • On the orange button “Sign” (initial) on page 2 and then
  • On the orange button “Sign” on page 3 and then
  • Finally, on the last page, click the orange ‘sign’ button.

When you click a button, the file automatically continues to the next step.

Restrain will automatically receive the signed contract digitally by e-mail and you will receive a copy.

How can I follow the Online Training?

Step 1: Go to our Training Course Platform
Step 2: Choose your Training language
Step 3: Sign up

Use the following link:

Where can I find the Restrain manual or Quick Start Guide?

Use our download page to download important Restrain documents:

Where can I find Restrain company details?

You can find Restrain company information like: bank details, address and the Restrain VAT number on the following page:


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Are you ready to use Restrain?

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