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Save thousands of euros on your energy costs with the Restrain CO2 extractor!

Managing CO2 levels in potato stores is mainly done with large, energy-hungry fans. By not using your large fans, but instead using a small Restrain CO2 extractor, you can save one and a half hours of run time of the large fans every 24 hours.

How does it work?

Place the extraction tube low to the ground, where the highest CO2 content is. When it detects a carbon dioxide concentration above the level selected by the store manager, the extractor starts up and flushes CO2rich air from the store. Extraction continues until the desired concentration is achieved. When the CO2 content in the air increases, extraction starts again.

Less weight loss and better frying colour

By automatically managing the CO2 content, by extracting only small volumes of carbon dioxide-rich air, you reduce fluctuations in store temperature and humidity. This way, you ensure potatoes with less weight loss and a better fry colour.

Calculate your advantage with the energy calculator

Enter your crop and storage information online and the Energy Calculator will calculate how much you will save monthly within 30 seconds.

Start saving now with our energy calculator 

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