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The #1 Sustainable Sprout Control System

The Restrain ethylene system is the most economical way to suppress sprouts in potatoes & onions.

It's time to try ethylene gas

EU didn't renew CIPC as a sprouting inhibitor for its use, storage, and disposal. So you urgently need to identify a residue-free alternative. Using Ethylene gas, you won't leave residue in your crop or storage facility, allowing you to deliver potatoes to be used immediately for processing.

Natural ethylene gas system for potato storage

Restrain uses ethylene gas to suppress sprouts in storage. Ethylene gas does not leave a residue on crops or in the storage facility. This allows for immediate delivery of the crop. There is no re-entry interval (REI), it is safe for store managers and employees to be in and around the storage during treatment.

How does it work?

Save thousands on energy costs with the Restrain CO2 extractor!

Energy Calculator

Energy prices have been the subject of significant debate across the world. With that in mind, Restrain has developed a product that can reduce energy costs: The CO2 extractor. When the concentration of CO2 gets too high, this product will extract and return the storage to an acceptable level. The calculator below can show the benefits of the CO2 extractor based on crop & storage information. Explore the Energy Calculator now!

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