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Onion storage

Natural, ethylene gas system
for onion storage

Are you looking for a residue-free way to control sprouting in your onions? Is the MH sprout control in your onions not effective? Then choose the Restrain ethylene anti-sprouting system. This natural ethylene gas keeps your onions dormant, controls sprouting and prevents internal sprouting.

Intro for onion growers

How does it work?

Ethylene gas is dynamic

The Restrain generator converts ethanol into ethylene and spreads the gas evenly through your onion storage. Regardless your storage method. The dynamic ethylene gas weighs about the same as air.

Effective after 3 days

After three days of exposure to ethylene, the sprouting process of your onions stops.

Sensor measures ethylene concentration

The sensor supplied measures the ethylene concentration in your store and automatically adjusts the gas production.

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The process consists of maintaining certain levels of natural ethylene gas during the storage of onions.

Ethylene gas is about the same weight as air and spread to all bulbs.

During the process, the sensor checks the generated low ethylene concentration. When it detects its maximum level, the generator stops the generator. And produce ethylene again when the sensor recognizes the minimum required level.

Onions need three days of ethylene exposure before the sprouts will be blocked. If onions have already sprouted, the ethylene gas will block further cell elongation.


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