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Onion storage

Natural ethylene gas system for onion storage

Adverse weather conditions can affect the long-term storage of onions. The Restrain ethylene system has a solution! Ethylene is a gaseous plant hormone involved with many physiological processes including growth regulation. It restricts the elongation of sprouts after tuber dormancy break and is the basis of the sprout inhibitor, Restrain. The Restrain system provides a sprout control post-harvest that will ensure long-term storage of the crop.

Intro for onion growers

How does it work?

Ethylene gas is dynamic

The Restrain generator converts ethanol into ethylene. Ethylene is a dynamic gas and disperses evenly throughout the onion storage.

Effective after 3 days

After three days of exposure to ethylene, the sprouting process of the onions is suppressed.

Sensor measures ethylene concentration

The sensor takes readings of the CO2, temperature, relative humidity and ethylene concentration every 30 minutes. This allows the machine to adjust to the desired ethylene concentration in real-time.

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The process consists of maintaining certain levels of natural ethylene gas during the storage of onions.

Ethylene is a dynamic gas that distributes evenly throughout the storage.

During the process, the sensor checks the generated low ethylene concentration. When it detects its maximum level, the generator stops the generator. And produce ethylene again when the sensor recognizes the minimum required level.

Onions need three days of ethylene exposure before the sprouts will be blocked. If onions have already sprouted, the ethylene gas will block further cell elongation.


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