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What is ethylene?

Is ethylene gas safe?

Ethylene is a very safe gas. It was previously used for tens of years as an anesthetic at concentrations of 70-80%. Now it has been replaced by modern anesthetics, mostly due to the high explosion risk of such high concentrations and not at all for toxicology reasons. Bananas are ripened by ethylene gas and most apple stores contain 50 to 100 times higher ethylene concentrations than used by the Restrain process.

Where does ethylene come from?

Ethylene is a natural gas. It is produced in nature by bacteria and fungi in the soil and by all plants or fruits like apples and tomatoes.

Is ethylene Residue-free?

Yes, 100% Residue-free. Restrain is suitable for use in organic production, leaving no residue in the crop or in the storage facility.

How does ethylene work for potatoes?

The natural ethylene gas maintained throughout the storage period suppresses cell elongation: this we call anti-sprout control. The dynamic gas spreads through the entire crop.

How is ethylene produced from the Restrain Generator?

The ethylene gas is produced from sustainable pure sugar based ethanol. The catalyst converts, in situ the required ethylene concentration, measured and regulated by the Restrain Sensor. The dynamic nature of ethylene means the gas is evenly distributed through the store within 30 minutes.

Are you ready to use Restrain?

It's time to try ethylene gas