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Potato storage

Ethylene gas system
for potato storage

Are you fed up with fogging every 3 weeks for €5 per ton? Looking for an easy, safe and effective alternative? Choose the Restrain system b and stop paying too much for your sprout inhibitor!

Intro for potato growers

How does it work?

Treatment is continuous

The Restrain generator and sensor work together to continuously distribute a low concentration of natural ethylene gas evenly throughout the store. Restrain is suitable for organic farming and leaves no residue.

Effective after 3 days

After three days of exposure to ethylene, the sprouting process of potatoes is suppressed. It is safe to be in and around the storage during treatments.

Sensor measures ethylene concentration

The sensor measures the temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and ethylene concentration in the store and automatically adjusts the ethylene production.

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