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Seed potatoes (accumulator)

Promotes stem growth on seed potatoes

Good storage conditions are important for high quality seed potatoes. Ethylene gas is a plant hormone that affects dormancy and sprout growth. During the Accumulator seed treatment, these effects are harnessed to give seed that yields up to 20% more daughter tubers.

‘We use Restrain ethylene in storage to loosen the eyes on the tubers as much as possible in order to harvest as many seed potatoes from each plant’.

–聽 Mr Ton Mooij (Creek Side Potato Farms, Alberta Canada) in Potato World Magazine

How does it work?

How it works

Sensor measures ethylene concentration

The Restrain sensor continuously monitors the concentration of ethylene in your store and adjusts the distribution accordingly.

Daily ventilation possible

Ventilation of the storage can be done on a daily basis without disturbing the treatment.

Ready to plant

Once the treatment is stopped, potatoes can be planted 3-5 days later.

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The Restrain generator maintains a specific low-level concentration throughout the storage period. The treatment time should be 90-120 days prior to planting.

Ethylene is a dynamic gas that distributes evenly throughout the storage.

During treatment the sensor takes readings every 30 minutes of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and ethylene concentration. This allows the generator to continually adjust the ethylene to the desired concentration.

When the treatment is complete, allow 3-5 days for the ethylene to off-gas before planting into the ground.

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