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Seed potatoes (accumulator)

More tubers on your
potato plants

Good storage conditions are indispensable for high quality seed potatoes. Ethylene gas is a plant hormone that affects plant growth and plant stress responses. Ethylene gas causes temporary stress in your seed potatoes and blocks the apical dominance of the germs. Restrain has optimised this natural effect, so that your seed potatoes can develop up to 40 percent more sprouts and 20 percent more tubers in some varieties on your potato plants.

How does it work?

How it works

Sensor measures ethylene concentration

The Restrain sensor continuously monitors the concentration of ethylene in your store and adjusts the distribution accordingly.

Daily ventilation possible

You can ventilate the room with fresh air on a daily basis, without disturbing the effect of the ethylene.

After 5 days ready to plant

Once you stop the ethylene treatment, your potatoes are ready to be planted after five days.

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A generator maintains a specific low-level concentration throughout the storage period (the minimum post-harvest ethylene application must be 90 days).

This dynamic gas weighs roughly the same as air. It, therefore, spreads through the entire crop.

During storage, ethylene production is stopped by the generator when it reaches a maximum level. Production starts up again when the minimum level is detected.

Five days before planting, the ethylene treatment must be stopped.

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