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How it works

6 easy steps to get started with Restrain.


#1. Request a Quote

Our 2-minute form will help us to get to know you and understand your storage needs.


#2. Contract

After submitting a request, the Restrain Team will contact you and send a personal contract.


#3. Pre-payment

Once the offer and contract are approved, we will send an invoice for pre-payment.


#4. Online Training

Our original "Potato Storage Training" training is designed to help you get started with using Restrain.


#5. Delivery

After you have completed the Restrain Storage Training video. We will ship the Restrain equipment to your delivery address. Completely FREE.


#6. Ready to start

Check! You are now ready to start using Restrain. Make sure you follow our Restrain Protocol before starting up.

Finish your request in 2 min

Secure your generator

Control sprouts for long-term storage of potatoes and onions.

Start your request

Start a form below based on your language. This will help us to get to know you and understand your request.

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Need some help? Get in touch with Restrain with our contact form.

Clearing the air

Frequently asked questions

Is my online request defenite?
No it is not. We will always send you an offer + contract which you have to accept. Before that stage there are no obligations.
Will somebody visit my storage?
Most of Restrain customers can start up the Restrain system without any extra support. The Restrain system is easy to use, plug and play within 5 minutes. During the storage there will always be a storage visit by the Restrain team.
When will I receive my equipment?
In general we can say that your equipment will arrive 2 to 3 weeks before starting up. Our logistic team will always make sure you receive the Restrain system on time to perform a 7 days pre-start check.
When do I start?
Your crop needs to be dry, stable and at holding temperature before starting. Our "Online Protocol Training" will help you to get started at the right time.