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Restrain approved in the US and Canada as a sprout inhibitor for onions

Restrain is available in the United States and Canada since 2022 as a sprout inhibitor for onions, shallots, and garlic. Restrain has now been approved by 16 states, following umbrella national approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In Canada the use of Restrain is permitted throughout the entire country.

After harvest, onions remain in storage sheds for months before being distributed to sales and processing locations. During that time, the onions can develop sprouts that affect the taste and make the onions unsuitable for sale and processing. Restrain prevents that.

Restrain is a natural sprout inhibitor based on the natural gas ethylene. By spreading ethylene in their storage locations, growers prevent the onions from sprouting. The method is already used in 40 countries worldwide as a sprout inhibitor for potatoes and onions, and as a seed potato accumulator.

Admission in 16 US States

Since 2022, the use of Restrain has been permitted in the US states of Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, Montana and Wisconsin. The admission process is still ongoing in California. Restrain also expects to be approved for use in organic farming in North America soon. Restrain has already obtained this approval in Europe, because ethylene is a natural gas and does not leave any residues in the onions or potatoes, unlike many alternatives.

Dirk Garos, Commercial Director of Restrain, expects many North American onion growers to benefit from the sprout control solution. ÔÇťMany growers must deal with sprouting onions, but they don’t use a sprout inhibitor yet. Others use a sprout inhibitor in the field, such as MH, but if onions don’t absorb it well, growers look for additional sprout inhibition in the storage phase. Moreover, existing resources are not suitable for organic farming. I expect that, just like in Europe, we will soon be admitted for that.ÔÇŁ

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