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Meet Restrain at Qualipom 2022 potato event

Restrain is visiting France to answer all your questions about our sprout inhibition with ethylene. Wednesday June 29 we will attend the Qualipom potato event in Beugny in the Pas-de-Calais department. This year, the outdoor manifestation focusses on innovative technologies. What better place to get to know Restrain?

At Qualipom, you will have the opportunity to learn about our Restrain generators that control sprouting in post-harvest potatoes, a cost-efficient, residue-free and environment friendly way to get more value from your potatoes. You can experience our CO2-extractor, that saves energy costs by lowering the need for ventilation in your storage. And you can ask our technical experts your questions.

The Restrain Ethylene system is used to treat more than 2 million tonnes of seed, table, and processing potatoes in 40 countries worldwide. By using Restrain, growers reduce their carbon footprint 20 to 100 times compared to the old anti-germination method CIPC.

About Qualipom 2022

Qualipom 2022 is held at the storage premises of the Seco group in Beugny, France. The trade fair features several workshops on the latest challenges, solutions and treatments, and test results in the potato industry. After 3 years of absence, the 2022 edition is eagerly awaited by both producers and professionals in the sector. It is the event to get technical answers to you questions in a friendly atmosphere.

Will we see you there?

Find out more at Qualipom 2022.



La Rapiere, Route de Lebucquiere, 62124 Beugny, Frankrijk

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