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Restrain launches new product: CO2 Extractor

Restrain is launching a new product during the British Potato & Interpom fair: a CO2 extractor to reduce CO2 levels in potato storage facilities. With the extractor, potato growers can manage the CO2 level in their storage, without having to open their hatches. As a result, other conditions in the storage facilities, such as temperature and humidity levels, are maintained.

Restrain’s new CO2 extractor prevents fluctuations in storage conditions by monitoring the CO2 level internally. A built-in sensor measures the amount of carbon dioxide in the storage. When the CO2 level exceeds a self-selected threshold, the machine extracts the excess carbon dioxide via a pipe through the wall to the outside. A single CO2 extractor can regulate the CO2 level in a store up to 500 tonnes of potatoes.

More constant storage conditions

Dirk Garos, director of Restrain, explains why his company decided to develop the CO2-extractor. “Growers working with Restrain regularly ventilate their potato storage facilities by opening the ventilation hatches. In this way, they regulate the CO2 level in their storage. In recent years they have had to deal with fluctuating temperatures in the spring. First, there were two very hot springs, during which the temperature in the storage areas rose rapidly when the growers opened the hatches. Last year, on the other hand, it was relatively cold, so the temperature in the storage areas sometimes dropped too quickly.”

“With the CO2-extractor, potato growers get more consistent storage conditions,” says Garos. “That ultimately contributes to less energy consumption, but also reduces weight loss and improves the baking color of the potatoes. Moreover, growers can install the extractor themselves, so the costs are low.”

Restrain presents the CO2-extractor during the British Potato & Interpom fair. The first extractors will be shipped to Restrain customers in January 2022.

Get in touch with our Sales Team to pre-order your CO2-extractor.

Foto CO2-extractor in loods

CO2-extractor in aardappelopslagloods

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