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Restrain’s Product Update: Ethylene Generators Now Fitted with a Fan

At Restrain, we’re always focused on practical improvements. We’re pleased to announce an essential update to our products: our ethylene generators for processing potato stores now include a fan.

The Importance of Controlled Ethylene Introduction

Introducing ethylene correctly is vital. As highlighted by Reid and Pratt in 1972, potato tuber respiration is intricately linked to the initial ethylene concentration.

Backed by Experiments

Before integrating any changes, we ensure they’re backed by solid data. We conducted an experiment using a 3D array of 16 sensors to monitor ethylene distribution.

Our results were consistent:

Without a fan, there was a wide variation in ethylene concentrations, with the highest levels detected closest to the generator.

With the inclusion of a fan, ethylene concentrations became far more uniform.

Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Our aim is simple: provide reliable solutions. With the addition of the fan, our ethylene generators ensure a successful slow-start, which is crucial to maintain good fry colour and minimise the respiration rate of potatoes.

Restrain ethylene generators destined for processing potato stores are now fitted with a fan

To Sum Up

We believe this straightforward change will lead to enhanced outcomes in storage of potatoes for processing. At Restrain, our focus remains on offering efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

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