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Prevent loss of value with potatoes in storage

Ethylene is one of the most effective sprout inhibitors for potatoes in storage. The method is cheap, easy to use and can be used independently by growers. Still, there are a number of myths surrounding the method; often disseminated by representatives of other means. What are the facts? Researchers, users and buyers tell more about their experiences with ethylene sprout inhibition. This time: weight loss of potatoes in storage.

Some potato growers are hesitant to use sprout inhibition methods, because they are afraid that the products will cause weight loss of potatoes in storage. But according to research by research institute Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, that fear is unjustified. It is precisely sprouts that cause weight loss in potatoes. So basically, sprout inhibitors prevent weight loss.

In general, the calmer your potatoes remain during storage, the less energy they use and the less weight they lose. The best way to keep your potatoes calm is to combine MH in the field and a sprout inhibitor in storage.

Sprout inhibitors differ more in cost than in weight loss

Sprout inhibitors hardly differ from each other in weight loss. Therefore, the real question for growers to ask themselves is: does the minimal difference in weight loss relate to the cost differences between the sprout inhibitors?

A sprout inhibitor such as ethylene, for example, is sometimes associated with slightly more weight loss, but is much cheaper than other means. That is why it is often the best choice for your potato yield.

Some weight loss with potatoes in storage is normal. You don’t have to try to avoid that at all costs. It’s about how you get the most value from your potatoes.

Prevent weight loss with good storage management

You can also limit weight loss with good storage management. For example, think carefully in advance about how long you want to store your potatoes. In addition, it is advisable to only ventilate your storage space when it is really necessary. This way you keep your potatoes as calm as possible and you prevent sprouting and therefore weight loss.

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