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Storage specialist Adrian Briddon new technical manager Restrain

Adrian Briddon, the leading Senior Scientist of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will make the switch to sprout inhibitor developer Restrain in early 2022. As Technical Manager, Briddon will be involved in research and development of Restrain’s sprout inhibition with ethylene. “I hope to make the method more widely applicable for various potato sectors.”

Briddon has more than thirty years of research experience in the potato sector. He is a familiar face of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, an independent research center of AHDB that shares research and advice on potato storage with the potato industry in the UK. The research center will soon close its doors, but Briddon wasn’t done with potato research yet: “I still find sprout inhibition very interesting, and we can still learn a lot more about it.”

A good challenge and still a lot to achieve

Briddon explains why he is going to work at Restrain: “The situation for sprout inhibition in the market is very interesting. Ten years ago, everyone was using CIPC, but now growers must choose. Ethylene is a very good sprout inhibitor, especially because of the distribution method. Ethylene gas is continuously and automatically distributed by a Restrain generator and reaches all corners of the potato storage. The product is therefore very suitable for potatoes stored in boxes or bulk in any type of storage system.”

Briddon explains what his work for Restrain will entail. “My goal is to expand the use of Restrain to other sectors, for example in potatoes for crisps. I think we still have to gain confidence in that sector, but I am convinced that ethylene is also suitable for those potatoes. For our studies at Sutton Bridge showed that Restrain does not influence fry colour. In addition, I will help Restrain customers who have questions or face challenges to use the product in the best possible way.”

Expert in the most demanding potato areas

Dirk Garos, director of Restrain, is looking forward to Briddon’s arrival: “We are very excited to welcome such an esteemed specialist to our team. When we heard that Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research is unfortunately closing, we saw a rare opportunity to recruit someone who is an expert in the most demanding areas of the potato industry such as crisps, chips, and starch. Adrian is the ideal person to help our customers with technical challenges.”

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