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CO2 extractor for better storage conditions

Ethylene is one of the most effective sprout inhibitors for storage potatoes. The method is cheap, easy to use and can be applied independently by growers. Still, there are some myths surrounding the method; often distributed by representatives of other means. What are the facts? In this series, researchers, users and customers talk about their experiences with ethylene germination inhibition. This time: how a CO2 extractor ensures better storage conditions and a lower energy bill.

Potato growers regularly ventilate potato storage areas with large fans and hatches to reduce the CO2 content in their storage. A disadvantage of this is that fans use a lot of power to quickly distribute the fresh air throughout the room. And by opening ventilation hatches, the storage conditions in the storage area can deteriorate, for example due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. That’s not good for the potatoes.

Manage energy-efficient CO2 levels

Restrain, the well-known producer of sprout inhibition solutions with ethylene, saw growers struggle with the ventilation challenge and introduced a solution: a CO2 extractor. This allows potato growers to deal efficiently with the CO2 content in their storage, without having to open their hatches. As a result, the other conditions in their storage areas are maintained.

How does it work?

Restrain’s new CO2 extractor prevents fluctuations in storage conditions by continuously measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the storage with an internal or external sensor. When the CO2 level exceeds a self-selected threshold value, the machine discharges the excess carbon dioxide through a pipe through the wall. A single CO2 extractor can control the CO2 level in a room with 500 tons of potatoes.

Short payback time due to electricity savings

Restrain director Dirk Garos is already getting good reactions to the product, which only came on the market this year: ÔÇťThe CO2 extractor gives potato growers more constant storage conditions. This contributes to less energy consumption, but also ensures less weight loss and a better baking color of the potatoes. In addition, growers can install the extractor hood themselves, which keeps costs low. Growers I speak to say they have earned back the extractor hood in no time because their fans are running much less.ÔÇŁ

Are you ready to use Restrain?

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