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Weight Loss #3 Restrain Podcast

How to limit weight loss in potatoes during storage – listen to the new Restrain podcast

What actually causes weight loss in potatoes during storage, and how can you limit it? Find out by listening to the latest episode in Restrain’s podcast series. In just over five minutes, Restrain’s technical manager Adrian Bridden explains the key factors to keep in mind, and some practical ways of preventing unnecessary weight loss.

Once harvested, potatoes are in storage, some degree of weight loss is inevitable. However, unfavourable storage conditions can add unnecessary weight loss, and the podcast focuses on what storage managers can do to minimize this risk. For example, the podcast explains:

  • What causes weight loss, what percentage of weight loss is typical and inevitable, and  why weight loss tends to be higher in the first month of storage.
  • The crucial role of relative humidity in limiting weight loss, and why it’s so important not to use ambient air for CO2 control.
  • How using small, efficient fan systems can help to reduce weight loss (and cut your electricity bill).

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Google podcasts or Apple podcasts.

More about Restrain

Restrain is the world’s leading provider of natural, ethylene-based solutions for sprout inhibition in potatoes, onions and shallots. Restrain offers potato growers and storage facilities a plug-and-play solution that is easy to implement, free of synthetic chemicals (so no harvest intervals!) and allows continuous access to the storage area.

Want to know more about ethylene? Listen to previous episodes of the Restrain podcast on sprout inhibition in onions, and how ethylene can produce more productive seed potatoes.

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