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Restrain Podcast – John Hutchison on Potato Storage with Restrain

If you鈥檙e storing processing, crisping or fresh potatoes, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Restrain Podcast!

Your host Thomas van Miert is joined by guest John Hutchinson to discuss an alternative solution to CIPC sprout inhibitors for potatoes. Enter: Restrain. This affordable, safe and effective anti-sprouting system uses ethylene gas and carries many of the same benefits as CIPC – which has effectively been banned in the EU.

For those seeking support and guidance for this break-through product, Restrain offers easy online training at

Thomas and John cover all the basics of this incredible product such as equipment, assembly, CO2 management and ethylene treatment.

A large factor in the success of using Restrain comes from storage management. Thomas and John discuss potato qualities, potato storage conditions, and the importance of Restrain equipment checks.

As this first episode comes to an end, Thomas and John cover a crucial element in using Restrain product: Safety! After all, this is a flammable liquid and must be handled with the upmost caution and care. The Restrain training program includes the safety guidelines all users must follow to effectively use this product.

For more information or to request a free quote, please visit the website at Request a Quote.

Additionally, for growers that may be unsure about using ethylene, John offers his direct contact information (00 44 7872 190938) to alleviate any concern you may have.

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