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Storing potatoes during cold weather


Now that a prolonged spell of cold weather is upon us, the ventilation protocols are of vital importance to preserve your fry colours and need to be carefully managed. Whilst we should always aim to keep the CO2 levels below 2500ppm, it is of great importance to not draw excessive cold air into a warm store, which will of course cause condensation issues, but also could impact on the fry colours in the crop due to cold temperature sweetening.

Internal recirculation should continue as normal. If you start to see a drop in store temperatures then the introduction of space heaters to help maintain the overall air temperature could be of benefit. Please remember if you do this to keep the generator and ethanol well away from any heat sources!

Most stores with computer controlled air mix units will not allow overly cold outside air into the stores if the differentials are set correctly. If you feel the CO2 levels are building up to levels that you are uncomfortable with, prior to introducing any outside air manually, please do not hesitate to contact your representative to discuss and advise in more detail, depending on the exact circumstance of the store and crop.

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