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Are you fed up with expensive sprout inhibitors?

The Restrain anti-sprouting system is the most economical way to control sprouting for your potatoes.

It's time to try ethylene gas

EU didn't renew CIPC as a sprouting inhibitor for its use, storage, and disposal. So you urgently need to identify a residue-free alternative. Using Ethylene gas, you won't leave residue in your crop or storage facility, allowing you to deliver potatoes to be used immediately for processing.

Natural, ethylene gas system for potato storage

Restrain uses natural ethylene gas which keeps your potatoes dormant and controls sprouting. Using ethylene gas means you won’t leave any residue in your crop or storage facility, allowing you to deliver potatoes which can be used immediately for processing.

How does it work?

Calculate your costs FREE in 30 sec

The Restrain Calculator

Restrain is an affordable and easy to use system to control sprouting. Calculate the cost of the Restrain anti-sprouting system for your entire storage season. You will find that anti-sprouting with ethylene is 4 to 6 times cheaper than any other sprout inhibitor.

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