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Save up to 75% on potato storage with the Restrain sprout inhibitor.

The Restrain anti-sprouting system based on ethylene is the most economical way to control sprouting for your potatoes.

How does it work?

STEP 1: install

You can install the Restrain anti-germ system in your storage facility yourself. Plug and play within 5 minutes. If you cannot find it, we have an online training that contains all the information.

STEP 2: start

The machine does its job, you don't have to do anything!

STEP 3: ethylene treatment

After three days of exposure to ethylene, the germination process of your potatoes is blocked and your potatoes can be kept for 6 to 7 months instead of 14 days.

How does Restrain work?

The benefits of Restrain


Richard Overton - Potato Farmer

“It’s a great feeling to know that we’ve got the Restrain system in place: We can just look in the store and all our sprouting issues are under control. I’ve got no worries, I can sleep easy at night now my potatoes are looked after.”





Happy Growers

2 million

Tons of potatoes stored

20 years

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About Restrain

We are a manufacturer of unique ethylene generators since 2003 from our location in Breda, The Netherlands. Restrain generators to control post-harvest sprouting in potatoes in a more natural way than other agrochemical methods. This is because ethylene is a natural gas that does not leave a chemical residue.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Restrain in all stores?
Yes, the natural ethylene gas suppresses cell elongation: this we call anti-sprout control. A specific low level concentration is maintained throughout the storage period. The dynamic gas spreads through the entire crop. We recommend to repair shutters, doors and roofs in order to avoid excessive ethanol consumption. Ôťů BULK Ôťů BOX Ôťů LEAKY
Is ethylene safe?
Ethylene is a colourless gas that does not smell at low concentrations. It is a simple molecule CH2 = CH2 , that is very volatile (4.2 x 10 6 Pa). At high concentrations above 2.7% (27000 ppm) it becomes explosive, but the Restrain Generator is not capable of reaching even a fraction of that concentration. Thus the use of the Restrain Generator can not lead to explosions. Note however that its fuel is flammable, no open fires (including smoking) or spar
Is the system easy to start?
The success of Restrain is the simple and reliable system, that can be installed in your store in just 5 minutes. No store modifications are required. Our ÔÇśInstallation (10 steps)ÔÇś video shows the easy use of the Restrain ethylene system. Just plug-and-play!
Do I need a fogging equipment?
No, Restrain generator supplied.