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Research: Good frying color results of potatoes after using the sprout inhibitor Restrain

Ethylene is one of the most effective sprout inhibitors for potatoes in storage. The method is cheap, easy to use and can be used independently by growers. Still, there are a number of myths surrounding the method; often disseminated by representatives of other means. What are the facts? Researchers, users and buyers tell more about their experiences with ethylene sprout inhibition. This time: the influence on baking colors.

Independent research centers closely monitor any effects of sprout inhibitors on the baking quality of the potatoes. For example, research institute PPO Westmaas, which is known as the potato knowledge center of the Netherlands. This PPO location (Practical Research Plant & Environment) operates under the banner of Wageningen University and in recent years has tested, among other things, the baking quality of potatoes that have been treated in storage with ethylene from Restrain.

Good baking colors Fontane, Markies and Agria with ethylene sprout inhibition

The tests by PPO Westmaas show good baking results with chips and potato chips that have been treated with ethylene as a sprout inhibitor in storage. This concerns in particular baking color results for the varieties Fontane, Markies, Agria and VR808.

The test results are in line with those of British research by AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) that shows that sprout inhibitors such as Restrain have no influence on baking colors.

Restrain will also have PPO Westmaas investigate the effectiveness and influence of ethylene on a large number of other potato varieties in the 2022 storage season. The results of this are expected in the course of the year.

View the results of the most recent baking color studies for Restrain here.


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