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Onion Storage #2 Restrain Podcast

Listen to Restrain’s new podcast about ethylene as a sprout-inhibitor for onion and shallot storage

Restrain, the leading worldwide provider of ethylene-based sprout inhibition solutions, presents a new podcast about the use of ethylene for onion storage. As the only post-harvest sprout-inhibitor, Restrain’s technology stands out as your go-to solution for effective, safe and flexible storage. So, why opt for Restrain in your onion storage?

  • Fact! Restrain’s technology not only curbs sprout growth on potatoes but also on onions and shallots.
  • Curious what Restrain can do? The podcast explains how ethylene suppresses sprouts and keeps onions fresh and marketable longer, all without synthetic chemicals.
  • How it works? Find out how Restrain’s solution ensures a continuous, very low concentration of ethylene gas, resulting in an ultra-low carbon footprint and residue-free crops.

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Google podcasts or Apple podcasts.

Discover the flexibility with Restrain’s hassle-free technology

Restrain’s technology stands out for its great value. It’s the most economical solution for preventing sprouts, saving both management time, costs and produce. It’s plug-and-play system is safe and reliable and ensures the safety of store managers and personnel.

More about Restrain

Restrain is the world’s leading provider of natural, ethylene-based solutions for sprout inhibition in potatoes, onions and shallots. Restrain offers potato growers and storage facilities a plug-and-play solution that is easy to implement, free of synthetic chemicals (so no harvest intervals!) and allows continuous access to the storage area.

Find out more about the advantages of our sprout-inhibitor on our webpage about onion storage, or listen to previous episodes of the Restrain podcast on weight loss, and learn how the accumulator treatment could be beneficial to your potato program.

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