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Ethylene vs CIPC

What are the differences between Ethylene & CIPC?

Restrain ethylene offers the same advantages as CIPC as a sprout inhibitor. The advantages of Restrain ethylene compared to CIPC are explored below.

Can you process immediately after treatment?YesNo
Can I use it in any storage?Yes, including leaky storagesYes
Can I use it when I already have sprouts?YesYes
Do I need a fogging equipment?No, Restrain generator suppliedYes
Where do I place my equipment?Inside the storageOutside the storage
What power supply is needed for the equipment?220 volt380 volt
Can I use it when my storage is NOT filled to capacity?YesYes
What is the procedure for the application?ContinuousApply to crop every 4 to 6 weeks
Is there any danger to other equipment?NoYes
How long does a treatment last?Continuous4 hours
What is the cost price of sprout inhibitors for the total season?€3 – €5 per ton (alternatives are 4 to 6 times more expensive)€ 3 – € 5 per ton
Does it preserve fry colours?Yes, subject to varietiesYes
Is there a risk of internal sprouting?NoYes
Is there any skin burn risk?NoYes
When can I start treatment?After wound healing, when potatoes are dry and have reached optimal product temperatureFrom the start
Is it safe for the operator?YesNo
What is the capacity per system?Max 6000 TONSSubject to fogging equipment
Do I burn off the sprouts?No, it blocks further cell elongationYes
Can I use it with seed potatoes?YesNo

Are you ready to use Restrain?

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