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5 most asked questions about Restrain


Here are the 5 most asked questions about Restrain for potato storage:

1. Can I consume and/or process without delay ethylene treated fresh produce?

Yes, any fresh produce treated with ethylene can be consumed and/or processed immediately without delay. There is no waiting time and increases your flexibility in planning.

2. Is the Restrain system easy to use?

The success of Restrain is the simple and reliable system, that can be installed in your store in just 5 minutes. No store modifications are required. Our 10 Step Checklist video shows the easy use of the Restrain ethylene system. Just plug-and-play!

3. Can I use Restrain in leaky stores?

Yes, the natural ethylene gas suppresses cell elongation: this we call anti-sprout control. A specific low level concentration is maintained throughout the storage period. The dynamic gas spreads through the entire crop. We recommend to repair shutters, doors and roofs in order to avoid excessive ethanol consumption.

4. Does Restrain preserve fry colours?

Restrain has performed multiple fry colour tests since 2012 in various countries. During the new potato storage season we will keep you updated with new fry colour results on key varieties. Click here for our latest fry colour results.

5. What are the costs for Restrain?

For the entire Restrain anti-sprout application the average costs are between ÔéČ3.5 and ÔéČ5 per ton of potatoes, subject to the quality of storage isolation. This includes the Restrain equipment and ethanol. Restrain is the most reliable and economical alternative to CIPC.

Are you ready to use Restrain?

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