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5 developments you can expect from Restrain in 2022

The potato world is constantly innovating. Restrain is not sitting still either. We are preparing for a year full of progress. Here are five eye-catching developments:

Launch of CO2-extractors

Restrain launched a new product at the end of November during the Interpom potato trade-show: a CO2-extractor to reduce carbon dioxide levels in potato storage. With the extractor, potato growers can manage the CO2 level in their storage without opening their shutters. This helps maintain other conditions in the storage facilities, such as temperature and humidity levels.

High-quality advice from potato experts

Restrain is growing fast. In 2021, the number of employees doubled. More and more experts with scientific potato knowledge are joining the organisation. Last year, the internationally well-known agronomist Daniel Caldiz already joined as international potato consultant in Latin America. This year crop scientist Adrian Briddon, the leading Senior Scientist of the British Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), joins Restrain as technical manager.

Worldwide usage

Ethylene sprout inhibition by Restrain is being used more and more. And not just in the Netherlands. Growers worldwide are adopting the method. Restrain has been a major player in the UK from the start. And in Europe, growers are already using the method extensively, for example in major potato countries like Belgium, France, Germany and Poland. But Restrain is looking beyond Europe. The company is also making moves in South America, and has recently been registered for use in the United States.

My Restrain service portal

In 2022, Restrain customers will benefit from a new online service portal, a personal environment for growers containing all relevant information about their Restrain application. This gives them anytime, anywhere access to storage data, visit reports, invoices and orders. And by sharing digital data with Restrain on storage types and varieties, the company can identify trends and provide growers with even better storage advice.

New varieties

In 2022 PPO Westmaas will be doing new research into the application of ethylene to various potato varieties. Besides the well-known Fontane, Agria and Markies varieties, the expertise centre is also researching new varieties for the effectiveness of ethylene sprouting inhibition. In addition, potatoes are tested for fry colours, weight loss and sugar levels after application of Restrain. The research results are expected in the course of the year.

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